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Puu-19.4020 Surface Chemistry and Nanotechnology in Forest Products Technology (4 cr)


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Lectures begin at 17th of January.

Course information


Professor Senior researcher Assistant
Janne Laine Monika Österberg Markus Korhonen
Tel. (09) 451 4233 tel.(09) 451 4155 (09) 451 4237


Basic properties of surfaces and colloids and experimental methods used when studying these properties. Adhesion, adsorption, surfactants and polymers, surface forces, colloidal stability, rheology of colloids. Important industrial colloids: fibres, emulsions, foams and composites.

Requirements for passing the course:

  • Lectures
  • Seminar
  • Laboratory exercises
  • Exam


  • English


  • Puu-19.2000 Macromolecules, surfaces and colloids