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Puu-19.4000 Chemical Analysis in Pulp and Paper Industries (4 cr)


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Professor Professor Assistant
Tapani Vuorinen Janne Laine Anne Vikkula
Tel. (09) 451 4236 Tel. (09) 451 4233 (09) 451 4237


An overview of the chemical analysis methods used in the pulp and paper industries. The course covers the most common chromatographic and spectroscopic methods and their applications at pulp mill, water treatment, and paper machine wet-end. In addition, the course includes the chemical on-line analytics.

Requirements for passing the course:

  • Lectures
  • Exam
  • Laboratory exercise


  • English


  • Puu-23.007 Laboratory work safety
  • Puu-19.1000/210 Structure and Chemistry of Wood
  • Puu-19.2000/220 Macromolecules, surfaces and colloids