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Puu-19.4010 Chemical Characterisation of Wood and Paper Products (4 cr)


Current issues

Course will lectured next time spring 2008.

Course information

Course is arranged in collaboration with KCL College


Postdoctoral researcher Senior researcher Assistant
Eero Kontturi Leena-Sisko Johannsson Anne Vikkula
Tel. (09) 451 5657 Tel. (09) 451 2608 Tel. (09) 451 4237

Visiting lecturers from KCL:

Birgit Aurela Sales Manager
Eija Kenttä Senior Scientist
Marjatta Kleen Group Leader
Tiina Pöhler Senior Consultant



An overview of the chemical characterisation of wood and paper products. The course covers the application of modern analytical methods for packaging materials as well as paper and wood products. The emphasis of the analysis is set on the influence of the chemical composition on the usage of the materials. The principles of the methods are covered qualitatively. The applications are examined from the perspective of both the production and the researcher.

Requirements for passing the course:

  • Lectures
  • Exam
  • Laboratory exercise


  • English


  • Puu-23.007 Laboratory work safety
  • Puu-19.1000/210 Structure and Chemistry of Wood
  • Puu-19.2000/220 Macromolecules, surfaces and colloids