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Kurssi luennoidaan seuraavan kerran syksyllä 2007

Lunetoajat periodi II:

Tiistaina 14-16 auditorio
Keskiviikkona 10-12 auditorio
Torstaina 10-12 auditorio


Lecture slides



Lecture 1



Lecture 2


Fibre chemistry

Lecture 3


Charge properties of fibres

Lecture 4


Polymer solutions and adsorption of polymers on surfaces

Lecture 5


Effect of polymers on retention, flocculation and dewatering

Lecture 6


Dissolved and colloidal substances in pulp and papermaking processes

Lecture 7


Surface chemistry and dry strength additives

Lecture 8


Surface chemistry of sizing

Lecture 9


Interactions between printing ink and paper surfaces

Lecture 10


The chemistry of recycling



Questions in the examination